Chip Chip

Force Dried Premium Wood Chip Fuel - G30-Bulk density typically 172kg/m3 per bag

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High performance biomass boilers are only as good as the fuel they burn. Anything other than virgin wood with more than 20% moisture content will have a negative impact on the kWh output and RHI payments.  

Chip Chip produces 20% moisture content (+/- 2%) to ensure the fuel burns cleanly and efficiently and results in higher kWh output and higher calorific value per tonne. Wood chip with little or no moisture content burn too rapidly.  Wood chip with more than the recommended moisture content reduces the power output and causes excessive tarring, ash production and emissions.

By purchasing Chip Chip wood fuel means you have

  • guaranteed 20% moisture content, (+/- 2%)
  • no foreign contaminants or dust (fines)
  • less fuel consumption per annum - saving money as less fuel is purchased
  • higher calorific output – means more energy generated
  • improved boiler efficiency – 20% moisture content fuel means boilers run at constant optimum efficiency
  • maximised RHI returns
  • greatly reduced service and maintenance costs
  • reduced downtime



Delivery Information

Standard delivery of this product normally occurs within 2-4 working days using a taillift method where the vehicle lowers the bags off the back of a lorry. A pallet truck is then used to pull the pallet onto a hard level surface.



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